If you are Train Buff…. TOBU TRAIN MUSEUM 東武博物館

Besides the big train museum in Saitama prefecture that everyone else know, TOBU TRAIN MUSEUM is must to go place in East Tokyo if you are Train geeks!!  Check out their HP here in English:TOBU MUSEUM



TOKYO TRAINS: As you know, Tokyo is super convenient with its super transportations, Trains!! You can get to go almost everywhere by train.  If you live in Tokyo, you don’t have to own cars, you can go anywhere by train and on foot. How many stations in Tokyo? I am not sure but it says there are  635 stations in Tokyo and 495 stations in Tokyo 23 wards !!

See here for almost all stations   tokyo_railway

Anyways, TOBU  line goes from ASAKUSA to NIKKO, they are famous for its SPACIAtob_001.   Though it is not JR (JR is biggest railway company used to be owned by a company), there are many TOBU fans!

Where: There is small tiny station called HIGASHI-MUKOUJIMA in TOBU sky tree line.  The museum is attached to that station. If you have 1 hour, you can look all the exhibitions and things there.  The place is always filled with small boys and their mon and dad…!!

HOW TO GO: You take TOBU SKY TREE LINE, get off at HIGASHI-MUKOUJIMA and from the exist you take right turn and see the MacDonald’s at your left, keep walking 30 sec! you see it on your right!