Best Aquarium, Tokyo Sealife Aquarium @ Kasai Rinkai Park and the biggest ferris wheel in Tokyo

Kasai Rinkai Park is one of the largest parks in Tokyo and I really recommend its aquarium and the biggest ferris wheel in Tokyo there.  The park has: lawns, walking trails, an aquarium, and a ferris wheel which is biggest in Tokyo.

Access: Kasai Rinkai Kouen Station by JR Keiyo-line. (next to Disney resort station)

more info of the park


Why we love this aquarium is that  you can get to see bluefin TUNA tank!!!! it is sooo amazing……



And the entrance fee is cheapest (adult: 700yen, children under 12 years old: free!!) that I know but there are so many kinds of fish and water tank. You’ll need more than 1 hour to see all the exhibitions if you are with kids because there are lots of feel and touch and quizzes and small exhibitions that children love. You may want to bring your own lunch because its food court serves expensive food….(not so yummy) but  Trust me, this is the best aquarium in Tokyo.



Sharks and all other funs, small exhibitions for children.



Outside the aquarium, this is the way to go to seaside (they have artificial beaches that you can swim in summer) and a cool observatory, from there you can see Tokyo Disney Resort and Yokohama across the sea, even Mt. FUJI (may be winter time only).




Leandro Erlich @ Mori Art Museum

This was so cool exhibition of conceptual artist, Leandro erlich.

Don’t miss it!! Go Roppongi hills to the Mori Art Museum! official page



And this was the best


Ghost class room…. wow



Personally I liked this boats floating on the sea (boats are programmed to move like that in the darkeness..)



Yes this is Roppongi Hills…(evertying is too expensive I don’t recommend to shop here!)


Odawara Wanpaku Land (Huge playground in Odawara)

If you have kinds, this is place to go!! even if you are not traveling to Hakone from Tokyo.

ODAWARA (name of moderate sized traditional city located near Hakone and you can access easily if you are traveling from Tokyo to Hakone) is famous for its Odawara castle which was established by famous HOJO family, who had power in KANTO area (TOKYO and around city) war period and one of the most famous warrior who defeated by TOYOTOMI HIDEYOSHI who after became on throne as he officially unified Japan at last.

Wanpaku Land has really lots of fun for kinds!! It got Super huge playgrounds (many) that parents also can enjoy! 1 hour is not enough, you’ll need 2~3 hours if you are with kinds.






ADDRESS:  4377-1, Kuno, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa  (神奈川県小田原市久野4377-1)





Local Walk By The River (Play Ground and Sky Tree View) in East Tokyo

My photo explains all.  This is my neighbourhood now but I like this place, the park is actually one of the public parks run by TOKYO.  Kids love this playground and adults can enjoy a lot of course.


We had a chance to visit Hawaii this summer and we went to playgrounds and beaches…only! (no shopping what so ever.) Because my son insisted to visit local playgrounds to make local friends!  If anyone seeking any information for parks in TOKYO, you can check it here, Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association OR, Let’s go to the park (Japanese only at this moment).



Anyway, this park, you can see the HP here. SHIOIRI PARK (OLD EAST TOKYO AREA)

Address: 8, Minami-senju, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo