Old folk house style Cafe わかば堂 “Wakaba-dou” in Kitasenju 北千住

Kitasenju bar street

In Kitasenju, there is like a “drinking street” where many old Japanese bars are gathered.  The atmosphere is really like 30 ~40 years ago and the houses are wooden houses.



JP_-GokaidoKitasenju 北千住(in Adachi ward in Tokyo) played the role like a gate to Edo (former Tokyo) from northern prefecture attached and was the one of post-towns (total 21 post-towns) on this road called NIKKO KAIDO (Line B) which connects TOKYO and NIKKO. This was established by EDO SHOGUNATE back in EDO period. Other than NIKKO KAIDO there are 4 other roads,  A: Osyu Kaido (Edo to Fukushima), C:Kosyu Kaido(Edo to Nagano), D: Nakasendo(Edo to Kusatsu), E:Tokaido (Edo to Kyoto). Good example is that nowadays, the bullet trains goes to Kyoto from Edo (vice versa) called Tokaido bullet train.

So, now you know Kitasenju is old city in Tokyo, I would like to introduce one cafe in Kitasenju, it is called WAKABADOU.  I like the atmosphere of this cafe.  The house is old and I guess it is like from 40~50 years ago. (just my guess sorry!)  They serve you just nice food, I mean fairly good food (lots of kind of tea & coffee, cakes, light meals) I mean it is worth to visit for food but more worth to visit for the “old folk house atomosphere”.

wakaba dou HP here: Click here

Address: 1-31-8 Senju Adachi-ku TOKYO 〒120-0034

tel: 03-3870-6766




How amazing “White Day” gift

You know Valentine’s day…on Feb 14th. In Japan, women give cholocates to men. I do not know why this is happening in Japan but it is the tradition…. Usually this is the day that girls ask boys out.. I mean she says that she like him. But in other countries (now I know), it is totally opposite. Why JAPAN~~??

Anyways, as a follow-up event of Valentine’s day in Japan, we have “White Day” where boys give girls something, candies or caramels..or even better present.

I got many candies from our co-workers, (yes because I gave cholocate to the) and among thier present, this one was cutest! Sooooo Cute!

Cute tiny tiny cholocates (but shape is cake!!!) how cute they are!
Even box is cute…

PABLO & PABLO Mini (Cheese tarte)

PABLO is cheese tart place in Akihabara & Kitasenju. Inside is sooooo creamy….it’s not like one of NY style cheese cakes…. Once you taste PABLO you’ be obsessed with it!

First 3 hrs, you can keep them outside (of Frege) but after 3 hrs, you better put them in the frege.

Plain cheese tart is the best but this time I tried MACCHA-Cheese (抹茶), which is Japanese tea flavor added!! Yummy….

PABLO  In Old Tokyo (East Tokyo), there are PABLO  in Akihabara TRIM MAP (PABLO)  and, PABLO-Mini in Shopping place called Marui (1st floor)  丸井OIOI attached to Kitasenju-station. Kitasenju is middle-sized local town in Tokyo ( smaller than Akihabara, not many tourist…) and that’s my neighborhood! Lots of friendly people, cheap Izakaya (Japanese style bar) and lots of public bath!.

Plain ones and Pumpkin cheese
Inside…wohoo! Maccha-cheese


Seasonal menu (Pumpkin)
At the shop
Cute bag
I am ready to eat!!