Introducing this traditional style in (called Ryokan) we stayed in Hakone.

Check out BYAKUDAN 白檀



As you know that “Ryokan” is the unique style of inns that we can be proud of.

The characteristics are….

1) Take off shoes at the entrance and put their slippers on…

2) The room is traditional Japanese style with TATAMI.

3) Usually, Kimono worn staff (called Nakai-san) are assigned in each rooms for guests (I think it is like personal concierge). When you arrive Ryokan, Nakai-san is welcomes you to your room and also they serve dinner, etc…

4) Indoor & outdoor Public bath (hot spring) and sometime the room has its own outdoor bath.

5) You wear Yukata (Japanese style robe) after take Onsen (hot spring). Each room provides you Yukata.


<Our Stay at Byakudan> Address: 1297-5, Ninotaira, Hakonemachi, Ashigara shimo gun

源泉懐石 箱根強羅 白檀
〒250-0407 神奈川県足柄下郡箱根町二ノ平1297番5
TEL 0460-87-0010 FAX 0460-87-5550

We had amazing indoor bath which is 100% natural hot spring without any filtration or additive!!! This is an important point because not many Ryokan has 100% pure hot spring.



Dinner and breakfast are great and beautiful, they offer KAISEKI (traditional Japanese multiple course meal).








Also had a bedroom
Tatami room








SAKANAYA, Best of best Kaisen-don in Kitasenju, Local town in East Tokyo

If you love Japanese food, especially SASHIMI and KAISENDON, you must visit this place in Kitasenju.  Kitasenju is located in East Tokyo where has (almost) no tourist from overseas but it is very interesting small city that you can enjoy sightseeing and food places. Inkednarita-express-map

I mean look this SHOUTENGAI (shopping street).  Although Kitasenju station got 2 major shopping malls called LUMINE and MARUI, the shopping streets are still vivid.

Our one destination on this day was here SAKANAYA (さかなや)

They serve delicious sea food and they are very famous for its KAISENDON (sea food bowl). OMG… was too too too yummy.  That was the best KAISEDON I have ever had in my entire life!!! SAKANAYA is truly famous, we had to wait about 40 min or so. To kill time, we went to the city library near by.  I took the photo from there with sky tree and it captured most of the city.  I love this city where I grew up.



This is outsiede of SAKANAYA, you can see many people are waiting.  Look at the cute NOREN (like a traditional common curtain to enter the food place) with fish picture. DSC_0943DSC_0948

At the last here is the KAISENDON, it is gorgeous and they serves only 20 sets a day, price is only 1,500yen!! You should go before 12:00 (they open at 11:30) and wait in the line !!!

Adress: 4-11-6, Senju, Adachiku, Tokyo 東京都足立区千住4-11-6



Best Sea food don (kaisen-don) in Akihabara @SANHOREさんほれ

Sea food don: a bowl of rice with sashimi on top.

There are some really good SASHIMI place in Akihabara, I cannot decide the best one.  But as far as for the Sea food don, I think this one is the best @ small Japanese food place called SANHORE.


I went to eat there for lunch but sea food don for lunch was already sold out so, we instead I ordered the ones for night menu, this cost more than 3,000yen, and it tasted..OMG it took me to heaven!!!  Look those TORO (tuna), it was soooo thick and creamy!!

They do not have English menu, totally for locals and their fans.  What they usually serve is  FUGU (Blowfish) for winter and UNAGI (Eel) for summer. (Too expensive I will not have a chance…) For lunch, there are reasonable menu like KATSUDON, a bowl of rice topped with slices of deep-fried pork like this at 750yen.



ADDRESS: 37-1, Kanda, Sakuma-cho, Chiyodaku, 101-0025



菊すし Best Local Sushi place in Akihabara!


菊すし(Kikusushi) is located nearby Izumi bridge over Kanda River. (3min from Akihabara station’s showadori exit). This place is special that I cannot go to lunch so often.  Today, my elder coworker (older but not my boss, he is in different department and he’s like an elder brother, it is called “Sempai” in Japanese…) took me and my friend at work! Yay!

Address:  1-2, Kanda sakuma cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

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