Sumptious Luch @Mansei 万世Akihabara

JR, this goes to Ochanomizu and then to go Sinjuku

Today, let me introduce you to sumptios lunch place in Akihabara. Tokyo (Akiba) locals go to eat at “Mansei” when they want to treat themselves or to host the guest…!

Mansei Akihabara has its own building, all of thier floors (F1~F10) has thier restarunts. Higher floors serve higher priced food…. So if you want to treat to your self, you pick F7 or higher! As you can see 10F serves very laxurious Teppan yaki (steak)… you can see hot to go to Mansei in this page too.

This day (early Oct), one of our companies excectives took me to 7F floor, it is because I did some extra work for him. He said I can pick any floor, and I picked 7th!!

Why I recommend here is that its view from 7th floor of Mansei.  You can get to see the differnet view of the croweded Akihabara.



This goes to Ueno!



STEAK & Wine Block @Akihabara

Today we had snow!!! in November….!! Cann’t belived it! I guess first time in my entie life that we had snow in Nov……!!

Aayways, it was too cold, we did not want to walk around the street to go for lunch.

My best friends  took me to this place “STEAK & Wine Block” in Yodobashi Akihabara.  We ordered “MIX MEGA PLATE” which inclues 3 kinds of parts,

  1. RAMPU  (top of the butt…)  2. ZABUTON (Chuck flap…very very rare part) 3.HARAMI (out side skirt)

I checked the price of each part, ZABUTON was the most expensive. The MIX MEGA PLATE was 1,800yen but it kid of worth it, I mean, not that expensive considering they searve 300g of beef steak with french fries, salad, rice and a drink.

I think they are using USA beef, no Japanese beef. But still nice place to get beef!!


Steak & wine block’s HP on Gurunabi, you can see more menu.

Where: on 8th floor of YODOBASHI Camera @ Akihabara


Restaurants Akihabara #2 (Hibiki-響)

In Japan,  when you go to lunch or dinner with someone older (more than 5~10 years or so), and if he and you are not exactly “freinds”, most of the time the older pay you. Especially, if you are women.  Yes, I am talking about “Company life”in Japan.   Of course, there is no OGORU thing (pay you luch or dinner) between friends except special occation. But most of the case (first date that my friends and my experience), the man is paying….! (not 100% though)

anyway, I get to go to HIBIKI today! woo hoo! (too expensive to go by my own expense…haha)

My company’s co-worker took me.  He is almost 10 years older and we are not exactly “friends”, we talk a lot (we are at different dept) and we get along but I still use “KEIGO” (polite language) when we talk in respect of his age and longer working experience (sometime when conversation gets really fun, I forgot to use polite language…but he’s nice and we are close enough, I guess), and he is a man and I am a woman. Hahaha I guess this part is really not westernized area of Japanese culture!

HIBIKI is located just close to JR Akihabara station, on the 6th floor of building called TRIM, where you can also find TORAJI (Yakiniku) and UNIQLO and MUJIRUSHI(無印良品) and STARBUCKS on the 1st floor.

Sometime we DSC_0151.jpguse HIBIKI for SETTAI(接待). SETTAI (接待)stands for lunch or dinner for our customer so that it is not your money but we can use company money! haha


Restaurants in Akihabara #1 (Yakiniku Toraji)

Japanese people love YAKINIKU (originally Korean BBQ).

What is YAKINIKU???? Ummm, I say Korean BBQ in Japanese way.

But but but YOU WILL LOVE IT.

You can eat YAKINIKU everywhere, we do have many chain YAKINIKU resturants but also local YAKINIKU restaurants mostly run by Korean family who lives in Japan or Korean-Japanese, those restaurants are mainly (as far as I know) in ASAKUSA, UENO, (many ) and NIPPORI, KITASENJU area. Those are east-Tokyo where it has been said many Korean people lives. Actually where I grew up is KITASENJU (this is the station name), this area has many YAKINIKU SHOP.

Anyways, since AKIHABARA is not one of above area, you will not find LOCAL YAKINIKU restaurants, but big chain. Yet, YAKINIKU is super OISHI (Yummy).

If you have a budget, try TORAJI!! It is very close to AKIHABARA STATION (1 min).



My best friend at work and one of our company executives, and me went dinner at TORAJI 2 weeks ago. That was his (our executive) “White-day” treat for us which was put of since March… You may not know about “White-day” custom in Japan….haha. I will tell you later. 🙂

Special diner at TORAJI (Korean BBQ) Akihabara on 2010.10.7

Food at Yodobashi (Akihabara) #1

If you are lost in what to eat in Akihabara.

Just go to Yodobashi’s restaurant floor.

Local people also go there to search their today’s lunch during lunch break.


This time introducing, OBON-de Gohan.

“Obon-de Gohan” at Yodobashi (Akihabara)

Serving you Japanese food with Gohan(rice) and Miso soup.