If you are Train Buff…. TOBU TRAIN MUSEUM 東武博物館

Besides the big train museum in Saitama prefecture that everyone else know, TOBU TRAIN MUSEUM is must to go place in East Tokyo if you are Train geeks!!  Check out their HP here in English:TOBU MUSEUM



TOKYO TRAINS: As you know, Tokyo is super convenient with its super transportations, Trains!! You can get to go almost everywhere by train.  If you live in Tokyo, you don’t have to own cars, you can go anywhere by train and on foot. How many stations in Tokyo? I am not sure but it says there are  635 stations in Tokyo and 495 stations in Tokyo 23 wards !!

See here for almost all stations   tokyo_railway

Anyways, TOBU  line goes from ASAKUSA to NIKKO, they are famous for its SPACIAtob_001.   Though it is not JR (JR is biggest railway company used to be owned by a company), there are many TOBU fans!

Where: There is small tiny station called HIGASHI-MUKOUJIMA in TOBU sky tree line.  The museum is attached to that station. If you have 1 hour, you can look all the exhibitions and things there.  The place is always filled with small boys and their mon and dad…!!

HOW TO GO: You take TOBU SKY TREE LINE, get off at HIGASHI-MUKOUJIMA and from the exist you take right turn and see the MacDonald’s at your left, keep walking 30 sec! you see it on your right!




Dolphine Show in Tokyo (Shinagawa)

As far as I know, the only place you can see Delphine show in Tokyo is Aqua Park Shinagawa which is at Shinagawa Prince Hotel in central Tokyo. Just take JR (yamanote or keihintohoku) to go to Shinagawa station and make sure you go left at the exist and go down stairs, it’s in front of you.

Accessibility is good and there is also mid sized aquarium and small rides (merry go around and viking ride only..) so kids would really enjoy it.

Last time I went there was more than 10 years ago…at that time the aquarium is not so good but this time it has been upgraded!

But i say the BEST aquarium in TOKYO is not this one, the best is KASAI RINGKAI KOEN’s aquarium. I get to that later!


This is something about KANDA (next to Akihabara station) area.  If you are to enjoy Tokyo local food especially spicy one

, you must go to KARASHIBI RAMEN. There are KARASHIBI RAMEN anad KARASHIBI TSUKEMEN, 2 shops next to each other. Both are famous and there are lots of people waiting.

We went to KARASHIBI TSUKEMEN this time to eat PAKUCHI MAZEMEN (Coreander ramen without soup). You can choose the level of hottness with 2 kids of indications. “KARA” (hot) and “SHIBI” (pins & needles…). I guess the hotness comes regular red peppers and this pins & needles comes from Japanese (or Chinese) mountain pepper?? So the taste is really addictively good but addictively hot!!!


KARASHIBI TSUKEMEN MAP   Address: Chiyoda-ku, Kajichou, 2-10-10. (2min from Kanda Station) Kanda Station is next to Akihabara station by JR Yamanote or Keihintohoku line.



Wired art at river side Asakusa 隅田川の変なアート@浅草


Lots of lot of tourists and people at Asakusa usually, especially to the famous Sensouji temple.  But where I recommend is this river side, you see not so many people and it is the photo place! (for SKY TREE and Sumida River).


Asahi beer’s Office building (this looks like glass of beer right?) and the soul represents their employe’s enthusiasm but totally looks like a poop…



Sumida River


Girls in Kimono, they were from China.

This river side has weired…object..art….Here…

What is this?!!!!
This inside….say hi!!

Lights ups in East Tokyo (Christmas ~ New Year) Sky Tree and Takenozuka竹ノ塚駅光の祭典2016

There are tons of Christmas events in Tokyo…. All I wanted to visit but I had no time to do it being a “working mom”. (Got full-time job and raising a son)  My son and I went to two of those christmas (and new year) light ups in Eastern Tokyo.  One was at famous SKY TREE and the other was at TAKENOZUKA(竹ノ塚) station and to  its park which is located about 1km away from there and called MOTOFUCHIE-parkHikarino Saiten光の祭典.

TOKYO SKY TREE is locate just 5 stations away (15 min by train) and it is just located near by the station, it is so easy for me to take my 3 years old cute monster!! As you know there was aquarium on the 4th floor, we also went there. But be careful, the fee is very expensive, it cost 2,000 yen for adults and 600 yen for over 3 years old. (Ueno zoo doesn’t charge kids under  10 or so… so compared to Ueno part with its size…i would not recommend to go that much…the only reason we go is it is nearest aquarium to our home.)

Our fun memory of Christmas Eve was surely this event at MOTOFUCHIE-park at TAKENOZUKA (竹ノ塚)station. I believe this event is not known so much in Tokyo, but locally, it is pretty famous. I have known this almost 10 years but I never intended to visit because TAKEOZUKA is not in the central Tokyo and it closer to SAITAMA pref. You know Japanese people tend to like to go to central Tokyo whenever they have events like Christmas.  This year, we were supposed to go to GINZA area (like 5th ave in Manhattan) to see the lights ups but my mom got sick and she couldn’t come. Instead, we chose to go to the nearest lights ups, and that was this place. But it turned out fantastic for kids!! I think we might visit again next year on Christmas eve.


TAKENOZUKA station: 12 statioin away (30min)from Asakusa by TOBU Sky tree line

But I really don’t think it would be things to see……except this event….Trust me I live in Adachi-ward (same ward) for 30 years and Adachi-ward doesn’t have much sightseeing spot exept…Public bath!!Sento!!(銭湯) I will get to that later!



Cute Cosplayers @Tokyo Comic Con (Dec 2nd ~Dec 4th, 2016)

Cosplayers sooo cute!
Chubaka and us!

I went to Tokyo Comic Con at Makuhari Messe on Dec 2nd-Dce 4th.  It was part of my job though,  the company I work for had a booth and we took a part in this fun event!  My job was to explain the products to English speaking visitors and to gather as many people to our booth.  Our product, Drobo is super user friendly storage products from the US and we are the sole agent in Japan.I went to Tokyo Comic Con at Makuhari Messe on Dec 2nd-Dce.  It was part of my job though,  the company I work for had a booth and we took a part in this fun event!  My job was to explain the products to English speaking visitors and to gather as many people as possible to our booth. How many time I screamed…”Cosplayers!! photo shooting !!”  Our product, Drobo is super user friendly storage products from the US and the company I work for, is the sole agent in Japan.

Besides  work…!

Event was awesome!!!!

sooo cute~~!
with Drobo girls and desiner TAKAHASHI-san
Photo Shoot
Kinniku man and R2D2
my friend, she is he!! Kakoii!! Gooood looking guy but he is she!!
from Death Note
De lorean!! Back to the future!!
Night Rider..
People are in costumes
Yuriko Tiger-chan, Kawaii



Anyways,  what was the fun part is that we called those soooo cute cos-players to promote our products and we did photo shoot sessions!! I was amazed!!! They were soooo cute.  The artist HIROYUKI-MITSUME TAKAHASHI designed the costume and it was just soo cute!! Gosh how many times I used the word “cute” but it was really KAWAII.

There are many other cos-playesrs and visitors also came with their costume. There were STARWARS booth, there were batmans,,, it was fabulous event!

Our booth “Drobo”





Hibiya Park’s KOYO日比谷公園の紅葉 (leaf turning red and yellow…) in Central Tokyo

Because of my beautiful son, I go to parks……a lot!! Almost every weekend besides my everyday lunch @ Akihabara where I work.

Two major parks I always go are Ueno park and Hibiya park.  Ueno park is located surely old Tokyo and only 5 stations away from my nearest station (15min) and I like the lively atmosphere of “SHITAMACHI”. “SHITAMACHI” literally means downtown but not like the one in the US though, back in Edo period (when Shogun was on throne), all the town people lived “SHITAMACHI” where as BUSHI (who serves shogunate) lived in central area where near to Edo castle. You know if this BUSHI (worrier) got their houses close to Edo castle, their status are higher. In modern days, who lives where high ranked BUSHI got thier big house near Edo castle? Now days, lots of Embassies are located!! Interesting!

So you know how Tokyo’s SHITAMACHI is differet from central area, it is more and more clouded and more and more houses (not office building) and more lively feeling.

Anyway, On the other hand, Hibiya park is located in central Tokyo, just near to Imperial Palace, that’s where Edo castle were at. So Hibiya Park got totally different atmosphere. But I love love love this park too. Mainly, my mom grew up around this area and because of that I played in this park since i was…like 0 years old to..till now.

But I love the quiet and nice atmosphere in Hibiya park.  There is Japanese garden and English garden, then playground. So nice and peaceful.  By Hibiya line, Hibiya station is like 6 or 7 station away from Akihabara. Also it is next to Ginza where I say it is like 5th Ave in Manhattan.


Just so nice. There is a resturants and cafe too.
Yanagi tree in Japanese garden
Japanese garden
So across the street, there is Imerial palace (former Edo castle) from Hibiya Park
This is it! Former Edo castle. Now emperor lives there. Castle has gone by the big fire in 1657!! Oh my gosh! it was sooo long ago. I thought it was by war with the US… You can see the stone wall which still remains.
Office buildings..also…
KOYO season has come in Tokyo. Leaves started to turn colors.
Central Tokyo but peaceful moment. Yes, there is teniss courts!
Small hill ( a couple of tiny hills in Hibiya Park) Looks cute and nice… so peaceful…



Ueno Park

Ueno park is one of the most famous and most spacious parks in Tokyo. If you grew up in Shitamachi area (Adachi, Katsushika, Sumida, and Arakawa wards, I think) the most frequently visited park in your life must be Ueno Park (besides the tiny ones near your house).

Ueno park is consist of museums (Art and Science), baseball fields, playgrounds, zoo, open area with water fountains, famous Shinobazu-pond, and restaurants & cafe…and more.

There are 41 public parks in Tokyo, and Ueno Park is the 6th biggest park and most importantly, it is one of  Japan’s oldest parks.


寛永寺Kaneiji. TOKUGAWA bakufu’s temple.
What is that temple? I did not know… It is Bentendo, part of Kaneiji temple. I will get another post soon for this Benten-dou.


Entrance (one of) area of Ueno Park


Small water fountain (big ones is not here)
This would be “Sakura” street in Spring
You go up the stairs…then
Ueno street photo, This road goes to Akihabara. Right blue signage is KEISEI Ueno station.