Small Trip from Tokyo (HAKONE 箱根)

Photo from my HAKONE (箱根)trip.






This goes to 早雲山 Souunzan (ropeway stop) where you can transfere to Hakone train to go to Goura and Hakone yumoto station. you see volucanic view just infront of you.
Let’s get on the Ropeway!
Mt. Fuji…. beautiful


From Ropeway, that’s OWAKUDANI!!


Pirates ship…..ummm but kids love it
Just nice and beautiful
Lake Ashino 遊覧船 Pirates ship (…why?) regulary depart hourly to the other side of the lake. taking 30min and another 30 min to come back.
Everybody seems to try KUROTAMAGO


Hot, Good! but inside is normal ! haha


Hakone (箱根)is about 90min away (by the express train called Romance Car) from Shinjuku Station and it’s very popular tourist spot (area) for families and couples in Japan.

BECAUSE OF…..(and why I wanted to go to HAKONE)

  1. ONSEN (hot springs) area (Onsen makes you beautiful and healthy) and Onsen Ryokan’s (Hotels and Inns) hospitality…best…
  2. Nice KOHYOU (the leaves turning yellow and red…*No translation in English)
  3. OWAKUDANI ( Terrific “Volucanic view” at the mountain top…) and KUROTAMAGO (Black egg)
  4. OSHINO Lake (wonderful view)
  5. Accesibility (about 90min from Shinjuku by Romance car)
  6. Hakone Chokoku-no mori Art Musium (*Fantastic art experience spot!) 箱根彫刻の森美術館 Hakone Chokokuno-mori

Here is Hakone Owakudani (Owakudani-Ashinoko) tourist Map Hakone ropeway nice map

Restaurants (Curry udon place)#4 (SENKICHI)

This is absolutely where you must go.  Curry and Udon (Japanese noodle) collaboration…Curry Udon. Curry Udon is also very popular menu in our everyday dish.  As you know UDON and CURRY is  our one of most eaten menu in daily life….(for me, it is!)

Though Curry-Udon has been popular menu, there are not so much serves only”Curry -Udon”, rather it is part of UDON or OSOBA place’s menu like Local Food Akihabara #4 (KASUGA_SOBA)

But SENKICHI (thgouh it is restaurant chain, they got 15 restaurants in Tokyo, still kind of new.) focuses on “CURRY UDON” and “OYAKO-DON” and “KARAAGE” only. Those 3, you also should try too….

Anyways, here is SENKICHI info, address and map

Eng address: Chiyodaku, Iwamoto cho, 2-15-8 (about 10min walk from JR Akihabara Syowa-dori exit)

SENKICKI services many kinds of Curry Udon, very spicy but soooo yummy. This time I ordered “Red Senkichi” mainly taste like Thai green curry and  a freind of mine ordered “Spicy Senkichi”which I knew it is hot but not from Thai green curry taste…There is also “Black” with rich buillon. Woderful taste!! I love all of them. See 4 major curry menu SENKICHI

Akihabara Senkichi is always full with salaryman, no tourist ever. After 13:00 you can enter easily, but before that it is sooo full!

Menu: 4 major ones
HOT senkichi
RED senkichi



Restaurants Akihabara #3 (TONKATSU_HAMA-KATSU)

One of the most popular Japanese cosine in Japan, TONKATSU. What’s TONKATSU? Japanese pork cutlet. Unless you are vegetarian, you must try this TONKATSU. TONKATSU is one of our every day dish among Japanese. You can find it almost every local restaurants and even in convenience store like 7-11.

I had medical-check up in the early afternoon, so I lived without any food and just with water almost 12hrs. After my medical check up, I felt exhausted…rushed to YODOBASHI’s restaurant floor for BIG lunch.

Here, I needed to eat a lot and get energy back, then I chose HAMAKATSU (TONKATSU restaurants chain in AKIHABARA)

What is special here are…

  1. You get to make your special souce (tare) with grind sesame…
  2. You get free refill (is that right words?) of RICE, Salad (sliced cabbage) and OTSUKEMONO (Japanese pickles)


HAMAKATSU @ Yodobashi Akihabara

Restaurants Akihabara #2 (Hibiki-響)

In Japan,  when you go to lunch or dinner with someone older (more than 5~10 years or so), and if he and you are not exactly “freinds”, most of the time the older pay you. Especially, if you are women.  Yes, I am talking about “Company life”in Japan.   Of course, there is no OGORU thing (pay you luch or dinner) between friends except special occation. But most of the case (first date that my friends and my experience), the man is paying….! (not 100% though)

anyway, I get to go to HIBIKI today! woo hoo! (too expensive to go by my own expense…haha)

My company’s co-worker took me.  He is almost 10 years older and we are not exactly “friends”, we talk a lot (we are at different dept) and we get along but I still use “KEIGO” (polite language) when we talk in respect of his age and longer working experience (sometime when conversation gets really fun, I forgot to use polite language…but he’s nice and we are close enough, I guess), and he is a man and I am a woman. Hahaha I guess this part is really not westernized area of Japanese culture!

HIBIKI is located just close to JR Akihabara station, on the 6th floor of building called TRIM, where you can also find TORAJI (Yakiniku) and UNIQLO and MUJIRUSHI(無印良品) and STARBUCKS on the 1st floor.

Sometime we DSC_0151.jpguse HIBIKI for SETTAI(接待). SETTAI (接待)stands for lunch or dinner for our customer so that it is not your money but we can use company money! haha