Akihabara Chinese food place 胡椒饅頭

Today was horribly cold though it is March!! Me and my friend went to eat good chinese noodle in Akihabara, that is 胡椒饅頭 Kosyo manju. No tourist have ever eaten there I think, this place is full of local people. Enjoy Yummy Chinese Ramen..

KOSYO MANJU is here: 3-1-5, Chiyodaku Iwamoto-cho https://goo.gl/maps/9TyuhdzN3oR2

Tan tan Men too too Yummy, not so hot, mild and tasty…
Seafood noodle


陳家私菜 (四川麻婆豆腐) Best Chinese (Sichuan) Place in Akihabara !!!!


If you would like to taset real Sichuan (super hot) cousine, you must visit this place!  Price is very reasonalble, you get 2 piece of fried chiken (kara-age) , salad, dessart, and rice along with your main dish at lunch and cost around 850yen.

Their wonderful spice (I don’t know which pepper they use or anything though) make my body really hot from deep inside…and it is soooo addictive!!!!

HP: 刀削麺陳家私菜