Tsukasa Coffee Shop, Old fashioned cafe in Akihabara

Today, you find all the coffee places in Akihabara starts with STARBUCKS, TULLY’s Coffee, DOUTOUR and then cafe VELOCE.  You know, I am talking about coffe chains.  Before all those emerge in Tokyo, there have been many local cafe that serve excellent coffee and food with reasonable price.

In Akihabara, it is now hard to find those local cafe, but this TSUKASA coffee shop is the one I should recommend.  Most of the customers are local salary men and women and owner’s friends (I had a chance to see one lady customers brought some souvenirs to an owner and I really thought she was one of regular customers for years!).

TSUKASA’s coffee is wonderful and, they serves nice food.  This day, I had curry rice which is also old-fashioned but really it is better than COCO-ICHI (curry rice chains in Japan and may be world-wide).

If you want to experience Akihabara’s old fashioned coffee place, go to TSUKASA!



Address: 3-9-12, Iwamoto-cho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo




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