Sugino Akari 杉のあかり, The Best Japanese Lunch at AKihabara (no toursit know this though….)

Where I always go for luch is difinately this place “SUGINO AKARI” near IZUMI bridge. (just 3-4min walk from Akihabara station). I have introduced this place before but I would like to do it again!

They have 5-6 lunch menu (all are TEISHOKU that comes with rice and miso soup, that is Japanese traditional set-meal style).

Well this time….my friend ordered “Yakizakana Teishoku” (grilled fish set-meal) and she had two options “snapper” or “salmon”.  Of course he picked “snapper” because it is more expensive fish. (same price, why not choose the one has more cost?!)

We were super excited to see this!!



Snapper!! set-meal at Suzino Akari @Akihabara


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