Super Local TEMPURA @Kitasenju (Old Tokyo) “IMOYA”

“KITASENJU” is kind of popular area in eastern Tokyo like most of Tokyo people know or heard about this area and may be been there, but I see almost no tourists around.  But there are lots to see for those who want to see the “real life” in old Tokyo.


Among many local food places, this TEMPRA place called “IMOYA” is special, sacred place for us (who grew up in KITASENJU)!

IMOYA いもや is super local TEMPURA place but they serve best TEMPURA in Tokyo!!!! (sorry I re-phrase it, BEST in KITASENJU!!)  I am sure there are many other TEMPURA places that serves lots more expensive ones that are in guidebooks but IMOYA is truly special.

Personally, Best TEMPURA I have ever tasted other than my grandma’s!!!!


Make sure you get “HEISEI TENDON 平成天丼” that tells you all!!

Add: 東京都足立区千住3-31, (3-31, Adachiku, Senju, Tokyo)

Open: Mon&Tues, Fri~Sun

Lunch:11:30~14:30,  Dinner:17:00~20:30

Close: Wed & Thurs

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