SAKANAYA, Best of best Kaisen-don in Kitasenju, Local town in East Tokyo

If you love Japanese food, especially SASHIMI and KAISENDON, you must visit this place in Kitasenju.  Kitasenju is located in East Tokyo where has (almost) no tourist from overseas but it is very interesting small city that you can enjoy sightseeing and food places. Inkednarita-express-map

I mean look this SHOUTENGAI (shopping street).  Although Kitasenju station got 2 major shopping malls called LUMINE and MARUI, the shopping streets are still vivid.

Our one destination on this day was here SAKANAYA (さかなや)

They serve delicious sea food and they are very famous for its KAISENDON (sea food bowl). OMG… was too too too yummy.  That was the best KAISEDON I have ever had in my entire life!!! SAKANAYA is truly famous, we had to wait about 40 min or so. To kill time, we went to the city library near by.  I took the photo from there with sky tree and it captured most of the city.  I love this city where I grew up.



This is outsiede of SAKANAYA, you can see many people are waiting.  Look at the cute NOREN (like a traditional common curtain to enter the food place) with fish picture. DSC_0943DSC_0948

At the last here is the KAISENDON, it is gorgeous and they serves only 20 sets a day, price is only 1,500yen!! You should go before 12:00 (they open at 11:30) and wait in the line !!!

Adress: 4-11-6, Senju, Adachiku, Tokyo 東京都足立区千住4-11-6



4 thoughts on “SAKANAYA, Best of best Kaisen-don in Kitasenju, Local town in East Tokyo

  1. Thank you. I am coming to Tokyo again in August and will be staying in Akabane. Maybe I will go to Kita-Senju.

    I was interested to read that not many visitors go to this area. I must bring along by translation book!

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    1. Hi Tony-san! OMG first comment for my blog!!! I am sooo excited!! ahahaha
      I am sooo happy to know you are coming to Tokyo this August! Please enjoy.
      Akabane is like “kitasenju” local city in Tokyo, I went to elementary and junor school in Akabane!!
      In Akabane, you can also see “shopping street”. The nearest big city (station) is called “IKEBUKURO” you may also know, you can get to do almost anything there too. ahahaha. wow I am too excited!!


  2. Congratulations on your first comment. I have read that there is a street near the JR Akabane with many izakaya. My brother an I will visit them.
    We also hope to see a local matsuri somewhere in Tokyo.


    1. Yes, there is Izakaya street in Akabane, I’ve been there too! you can enjoy Tokyo local izakaya!! When are you comig to Tokyo? There are lots of BON matusri (peopel dance Japanese traditional BON dance) in August!


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