Lights ups in East Tokyo (Christmas ~ New Year) Sky Tree and Takenozuka竹ノ塚駅光の祭典2016

There are tons of Christmas events in Tokyo…. All I wanted to visit but I had no time to do it being a “working mom”. (Got full-time job and raising a son)  My son and I went to two of those christmas (and new year) light ups in Eastern Tokyo.  One was at famous SKY TREE and the other was at TAKENOZUKA(竹ノ塚) station and to  its park which is located about 1km away from there and called MOTOFUCHIE-parkHikarino Saiten光の祭典.

TOKYO SKY TREE is locate just 5 stations away (15 min by train) and it is just located near by the station, it is so easy for me to take my 3 years old cute monster!! As you know there was aquarium on the 4th floor, we also went there. But be careful, the fee is very expensive, it cost 2,000 yen for adults and 600 yen for over 3 years old. (Ueno zoo doesn’t charge kids under  10 or so… so compared to Ueno part with its size…i would not recommend to go that much…the only reason we go is it is nearest aquarium to our home.)

Our fun memory of Christmas Eve was surely this event at MOTOFUCHIE-park at TAKENOZUKA (竹ノ塚)station. I believe this event is not known so much in Tokyo, but locally, it is pretty famous. I have known this almost 10 years but I never intended to visit because TAKEOZUKA is not in the central Tokyo and it closer to SAITAMA pref. You know Japanese people tend to like to go to central Tokyo whenever they have events like Christmas.  This year, we were supposed to go to GINZA area (like 5th ave in Manhattan) to see the lights ups but my mom got sick and she couldn’t come. Instead, we chose to go to the nearest lights ups, and that was this place. But it turned out fantastic for kids!! I think we might visit again next year on Christmas eve.


TAKENOZUKA station: 12 statioin away (30min)from Asakusa by TOBU Sky tree line

But I really don’t think it would be things to see……except this event….Trust me I live in Adachi-ward (same ward) for 30 years and Adachi-ward doesn’t have much sightseeing spot exept…Public bath!!Sento!!(銭湯) I will get to that later!



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