STEAK & Wine Block @Akihabara

Today we had snow!!! in November….!! Cann’t belived it! I guess first time in my entie life that we had snow in Nov……!!

Aayways, it was too cold, we did not want to walk around the street to go for lunch.

My best friends  took me to this place “STEAK & Wine Block” in Yodobashi Akihabara.  We ordered “MIX MEGA PLATE” which inclues 3 kinds of parts,

  1. RAMPU  (top of the butt…)  2. ZABUTON (Chuck flap…very very rare part) 3.HARAMI (out side skirt)

I checked the price of each part, ZABUTON was the most expensive. The MIX MEGA PLATE was 1,800yen but it kid of worth it, I mean, not that expensive considering they searve 300g of beef steak with french fries, salad, rice and a drink.

I think they are using USA beef, no Japanese beef. But still nice place to get beef!!


Steak & wine block’s HP on Gurunabi, you can see more menu.

Where: on 8th floor of YODOBASHI Camera @ Akihabara


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