Ueno Park

Ueno park is one of the most famous and most spacious parks in Tokyo. If you grew up in Shitamachi area (Adachi, Katsushika, Sumida, and Arakawa wards, I think) the most frequently visited park in your life must be Ueno Park (besides the tiny ones near your house).

Ueno park is consist of museums (Art and Science), baseball fields, playgrounds, zoo, open area with water fountains, famous Shinobazu-pond, and restaurants & cafe…and more.

There are 41 public parks in Tokyo, and Ueno Park is the 6th biggest park and most importantly, it is one of  Japan’s oldest parks.


寛永寺Kaneiji. TOKUGAWA bakufu’s temple.
What is that temple? I did not know… It is Bentendo, part of Kaneiji temple. I will get another post soon for this Benten-dou.


Entrance (one of) area of Ueno Park


Small water fountain (big ones is not here)
This would be “Sakura” street in Spring
You go up the stairs…then
Ueno street photo, This road goes to Akihabara. Right blue signage is KEISEI Ueno station.



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