Local Food Akihabara (RAMEN)(SHIOYA MARUCHO_汐屋まる長)

Today, lunch time was chilly, we went out for RAMEN place. This time we tried SHIOYA MARUCHO.  I tried SHIO, (SALT) special with boiled egg and CHASYU pork and WANTAN) and my friend tried SYOYU (SOY SAUCE base).

RAMEN, there are many kinds. SHIO (Salt soup), SYOUYU (Soy sauce soup), MISO (Miso, like Miso soup’s Miso base), then TONKOTSU (Pork bone broth base)…All tastes just wonderful..RAMEN…

SHIOYA MARUCHO : 東京都 千代田区 神田岩本町 15-1 /Chiyoda-ku, Kanda, Iwamotocho, 15-1

From JR Akihabara Showadori exit : You see big crosswalk in front of your self, but do not cross it. Turn right, go straight about 100m, and  you’ll soon see the next crosswalk and the relatively tall building with Japanese kanji 書泉, it’s a book store. You pass the book store on your right and also pass the Izumi bridge over Kanda river, and will walk a few meters, then will  find RAMEN SHIOYA MARUCHO when you make turn right at the next corner.


汐屋 まる長 - 地図


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