Tokyo 23 wards (Geography)

Tokyo, one of the biggest city in the world…

Tokyo has 23 wards.
My very personal quick review!

Central:Tokyo Station, Emerial palace, Capitol, GINZA (like 5th Ave in Manhattan), SHINJUKU (office area + entertainment night out),
ROPPONGI (night out, clubing area & Tokyo tower), SHIBUYA (also night out area and shopping), HARAJUKU (Shopping, Kawaii shop area, many young people),
OMOTESANDO & AOYAMA (Luxuary shopping area, more adults here), and may be AKIHABARA (AKIHABARA also can be Eastern Tokyo)

South: Tokyo Bay area, Rainbow bridge, ODAIBA (shopping, date, sports, family)

East: Old Tokyo include ASAKUSA, UENO~YANAKA(NIPPORI), RYOGOKU (Sumo), lots of lots of local stuff and fun stuff

West: I am not familiar with west of TOKYO…Ghibli Musium?

Tokyo 23wards Map

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