Local Food Akihabara (BUDOU)

The place to have luch with your friends. Delicious food. It is said “Bistro” “French Cousine”, but I guess it’s  Japanized French and just so tasty! While other local place is more like for “Salary mans” (Japanese worker especially men worker”), this place targets women, I think.  BUDOU フレンチ食堂ぶどう

Address: Chiyodaku, Kanda, Sakuma-cho, 2-3, Akihabara Inoue buid 1F, 101-0025

Go to SHOWA Dori Exit, Go straigh pass the crosswalk, turn right, go straight, just next to IZUMIBASHI, in front of MIZUHO ATM.


Not many mid-aged Salary man or groups of mid-aged salary man eat here as long as I obsesrve. Those “OJISAN” (mid-aged salary men) usually go to “TEISHOKU-YA” (local restaurant usually serves meal sets, which icludes rice, miso soup, main dish and the side dish like vegitable or salad )finishing up thier lunch in less than 30min or so….Pls refer my guide for SUGINO-AKARI, my favorate TEISHOKUYA in Akihabara.

Local Food Akihabara #2 (Sugino Akari)

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