Restaurants Akihabara #2 (Hibiki-響)

In Japan,  when you go to lunch or dinner with someone older (more than 5~10 years or so), and if he and you are not exactly “freinds”, most of the time the older pay you. Especially, if you are women.  Yes, I am talking about “Company life”in Japan.   Of course, there is no OGORU thing (pay you luch or dinner) between friends except special occation. But most of the case (first date that my friends and my experience), the man is paying….! (not 100% though)

anyway, I get to go to HIBIKI today! woo hoo! (too expensive to go by my own expense…haha)

My company’s co-worker took me.  He is almost 10 years older and we are not exactly “friends”, we talk a lot (we are at different dept) and we get along but I still use “KEIGO” (polite language) when we talk in respect of his age and longer working experience (sometime when conversation gets really fun, I forgot to use polite language…but he’s nice and we are close enough, I guess), and he is a man and I am a woman. Hahaha I guess this part is really not westernized area of Japanese culture!

HIBIKI is located just close to JR Akihabara station, on the 6th floor of building called TRIM, where you can also find TORAJI (Yakiniku) and UNIQLO and MUJIRUSHI(無印良品) and STARBUCKS on the 1st floor.

Sometime we DSC_0151.jpguse HIBIKI for SETTAI(接待). SETTAI (接待)stands for lunch or dinner for our customer so that it is not your money but we can use company money! haha


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