Restaurants in Akihabara #1 (Yakiniku Toraji)

Japanese people love YAKINIKU (originally Korean BBQ).

What is YAKINIKU???? Ummm, I say Korean BBQ in Japanese way.

But but but YOU WILL LOVE IT.

You can eat YAKINIKU everywhere, we do have many chain YAKINIKU resturants but also local YAKINIKU restaurants mostly run by Korean family who lives in Japan or Korean-Japanese, those restaurants are mainly (as far as I know) in ASAKUSA, UENO, (many ) and NIPPORI, KITASENJU area. Those are east-Tokyo where it has been said many Korean people lives. Actually where I grew up is KITASENJU (this is the station name), this area has many YAKINIKU SHOP.

Anyways, since AKIHABARA is not one of above area, you will not find LOCAL YAKINIKU restaurants, but big chain. Yet, YAKINIKU is super OISHI (Yummy).

If you have a budget, try TORAJI!! It is very close to AKIHABARA STATION (1 min).



My best friend at work and one of our company executives, and me went dinner at TORAJI 2 weeks ago. That was his (our executive) “White-day” treat for us which was put of since March… You may not know about “White-day” custom in Japan….haha. I will tell you later. 🙂

Special diner at TORAJI (Korean BBQ) Akihabara on 2010.10.7

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