Start up : Some info Akihabara

Q 1: How many people are using Akihabara station in a one day?

Answer: about 121,292 people (2016)

Q2: How many people do live in Akihabara erea?

Answer: only about 1,918 people, 998 families. (though this was back in 2010)

—That means, sooooo many people work at Akihabara, also come to enjoy Akihabara, but not many people live here. You know, this area is full of building, building, building, office and retail stores and small shops and a few apartments.

Q3: Is Akihabara name of county or what?

Answer: It is the name of the train station and when local people says “Akihabara”, we just mean the whole area that can be reachable from Akihabara station on foot, commonly.

So we refer “Akihabara” by precise address, following address and wards fits.

  1. Akihabara station that is in  Chiyoda-ward, Tokyo and its surrounding area
  2. Akihabara in Taito-ward

    Akihabara JR station (not so many people today!)


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